Fossil Leaders Prefer Fossil Fuels

What has this world come to? We have the leaders of the free world who are all supporting Israel that has been deliberately pushing the people of Palestine to the brink where they resort to terrorist attacks. Then, we have Israel that appears to deliberately attack civilians as a retribution and evict Palestinians from their homes with force.

This is situation is so bad that one must wonder what leaders from both sides have been doing all these years.

Israel has not tried hard enough to negotiate with the Palestinians in a constructive manner and government after government there has pushed harder to impoverish the remaining members of this weakened population. Then we end up with cold-blooded war…and that is an obvious result of obtrusive behaviour – look at the Irish history or Rwanda, or at many other war zones…

Let’s be absolutely  clear – no free nation can accept these terrorist attacks – they are simply war crimes. What Palestinians have done is inexcusable…

But today, Israel must realise that bombing Gaza and killing civilians is also not acceptable – only peace negotiations between both sides must be the next step without missiles, bombs, and bullets.

There is enough money and brain power on both sides and with their respective supporters to settle this once and for all. Killing one another is a fool’s game for both “Teams” – this last word is what Biden said about them both.

The leaders of both sides need to stop and think about their children and their respective future societies.

We have enormous global interests here – this conflict is being used by the other war criminal, Putin. and we can only see that escalation will be a disaster for the rest of the world – that means all of us.

The EU and the USA must step in along with others like-minded people to stop this fighting now.

Fossil fuels are the ones that are killing us, they are the real enemies, and they are benefiting from the actions of fossil leaders.

At the moment we have too many warmongers who can only see as far as their short-term interests – these fossils need to be replaced with younger stronger, longsighted leaders who understand that the peace dividend is not just a dividend but a treasure.

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