Framery employs Old Workers = Yeah!

In April last year, FinnishNews published a story about Framery Oy, a Finnish company that produces telephone and meeting pods for open-plan offices. They are doing so well that they even received the Internationalization Award of the President of Finland!

But more importantly, the company has gone one step further by employing an older professional designer at a time when many older folk have been laid off by former employers because it is cheaper to employ young staff! Many of the big companies have been plundering the labor market like this and older people, in their 50’s and 60’s, have been let go after many years of loyalty to their employer.

Larger companies like banks, forestry and paper companies, restaurant chains, hotels, travel companies, and many others have been parceling up older employers to the unemployment offices and replacing them with younger spirits.

According to a recent news item in Helsingin Sanomat, Framery has employed an over-60 year old professional designer with tons of experience in a company otherwise full of 30 year olds. This story is similar to Bob-the Robot, the media and advertising agency that has employed a 77-year old Grandpa to bring a sense of perspective into the company’s activities. Bob-theRobot is one if the most innovative advertising companies in Finland today, and alongside Framery produce outstanding results. FinnishNews wrote about them too in November 2016

Check out their websites for interesting material:

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