France and Germany embarrass EU & Finland

It is scary how the EU has now become under the ownership of 2 countries – Germany and France. Their behaviour is unforgivable by holding the EU decision making process to ransom.

They are an embarrassment to the EU and, in particular, to Finland, the country that holds the present chairmanship of the EU. These two countries are abusing their power and making a farce of the EU’s credibility. It is no wonder that Macron and Merkel has become unpopular in their own countries.

These two have got to nominate who gets the top jobs the EU, and the rest of the members are forced to accept whatever crumbs are left on the table. 

The head of the IMF will become the head of the European Central Bank, even though she has no experience in banking or central banking. The IMF is just a special government-owned body that sells cheap loans and grants to developing countries. She is just a “French” national who was chosen to replace another Frenchman who happened to rape female hotel workers. Naturally Macron, the decision maker, did not want a Nordic banker, no matter that he has many years of deep experience as a central banker. She is a self proclaimed “austerity” politician who will put Europe back into the Middle Ages. She also claims to be promoting women to senior positions, which is just the sort of things spin doctors tell her to repeat as often as possible to appear credible, like Trump with all his lies which are already topping 10 000!

The second appointment was made by Merkel to replace Juncker, that inebriated ex-politician who likes to slap other leaders on the cheeks when they visit him. This was Merkel’s choice because the person in question happens to be her current Defence Minister! She is probably more experienced and trustworthy than many other candidates but you cannot just decide to appoint one of your own because you want too! 

It is no surprise that many Nordic politicians are angry at these appointments – it is as if we do not exist.

The worst thing with all the appointments is that not one of them has said a word about climate change. While we are having the hottest summer ever recorded in Europe, and India is experiencing terrible floods, these EU folks are fine dining with our tax money and ignoring today’s biggest crisis.

Read the next column if you think that you are safe at home with these second-class leaders…

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