From tiny Design Company, to Minister, to Banker!

If you were to assess the performance of the Finnish government this last 4 years, most people in Finland would agree that after our useless Foreign Minister, our disastrous Transport Minister would be ranked number two.

With just a few weeks before the next election she has jumped ship from the party to which she never really belonged, to be appointed as a board member in one of Sweden’s largest banks, SEB!

Her knowledge of banking is next to nothing, and her abilities to bring them business or oversee the banks’ business and their strategy operations cannot be described as being inadequate by any measure. The turnover of the design company her grandfather founded is just €3 million in 2017! A great background to launch her into the world of banking. However, her ability to stuff her own pockets, or feather her own nest is well-known, and that is probably the normal skill-set of most senior bankers…

During the last 4 years, she has come out with bright ideas like building a Children’s Hospital which has cost taxpayers dearly. Expensive solutions have been showered on this hospital mainly with public money, expensive bank loans, and a tiny slice of donor money which is the big excuse for her to take credit.

The hospital would have been built a few years later anyway, without unnecessary costs. As a minister she has also been trying to sell off the most profitable railway lines to foreign companies, most of which are state-owned, or having major problems in their own countries… Our rather well-run railways here do not need to copy the British disasters.

Naturally, SEB expects to benefit from the fact that she has been busy privatising public services. There is a clear conflict of interests in taking up such senior jobs without a quarantine period, but such common sense rules are routinely ignored here. The Finnish Prime Minister promised to stop political appointments, but he has continued irrespective of such promises.

Various other schemes have fallen flat on their faces and she has been branded by the media as one of the most unpopular ministers in the present cabinet. Her proposed appointment to SEB’s board has met with dismay by her fellow party members. You must recall that she jumped ship from 2 other parties before the last election just to secure a top ministerial position. It appears that the Center Party promised here a minister’s job if she joined the party 4 years ago.

The Prime Minister has openly, and foolishly, backed her 100%, even when she has come out with ridiculous ideas. She is now repaying his support with a slap in the face. He should have recalled the proverb that you do not always get what you wish for.

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