G20 – Terrible – No Real Mention of Climate Change! 

You must be concerned when the world’s most powerful leaders meet and there is no decisive action on climate change.

The UN Secretary-General spoke of the urgency of addressing climate change, “…heat waves in Europe, drought in Africa, storms happening also in Africa and the Caribbean” and a “multiplication” of intense and  more frequent natural disasters “with worsening humanitarian consequences… climate change is running faster than what we are”.

You look at the picture of these standing in front of the camera trying to look “presidential” while Trump just wants to joke with Putin about his interference in elections, and praises a Saudi prince for doing a “spectacular job”. One must wonder what “job” he was referring too…

Complaints that no common ground on climate change can be found when each “great leader” flies into and from Japan in huge private jets is scandalous.

The men and women should be concerned about climate change as a top priority and then they should be concerned about he rule of law and democracy. 

It appears the world’s greatest leaders are not concerned about these three matters, so the questions that simply come to mind are the following:

  1. Why did they invite Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Indonesia?
  2. Why are we electing year after year people who not understand why they are elected?
  3. Why are we paying for these meetings where photo shots, joking and kissing each other on cheeks are more important than anything else? 
  4. Should not the smaller countries who do agree on these matters arrange these meetings instead!

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