Germany, EU, & USA are all to blame for bad business relationships

Trump’s ranting about how Europe is the “foe” of the USA is certainly fake news. It is laughable that American companies cannot fend for themselves. Just look at Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Ford, Exxon, Boeing, Goldman Sachs, Chase JP Morgan, Tesla, etc. They rule the world just like the Chinese, German and other European giants…

It is laughable that the American government cannot defend its own interests. Just look what they have been doing the last 30 – 40 years. They have been playing war games in the Middle East with Israel, Saudi Arabia and now in Syria. Afghanistan is another place where their soldiers are actively involved. China and Russia, South America, Africa, the Artic and Antarctic pole regions – you find them everywhere fighting, spying, disrupting and selling weapons… They are not the innocent angels who frequent churches and monasteries… They are hard-headed soldiers who seek profits from “colonies”, from selling weapons and defending the interests of their companies… they do it with lies and propaganda.

The Germans are no angels either. They certainly exercise a lot of control over the EU, and they make sure that their exporters “have their thumbs on the scales”. This last quote comes from an excellent article by Jochen Bittner’s “What Trump gets right about Europe”, in the New York Times. You may be able to read this excellent article from this Die Zeit journalist.

It is clear, as the FinnishNews has pointed out regularly that the weak Euro is a goldmine for German exporters as is the new poorer members who can manufacture their cars and white consumer goods. 

It is clear that Merkel & Co. can and does benefit from their effective control of EU affairs. The Brits got fed up with the German’s unmovable power and decided to try to exit from the grips of German self-interest. 

Macron is also greatly frustrated that his voice is being drowned out by Germany’s reluctance to reform the EU. The French Monarch wants to have the same powers too, and it is quite apparent that he wants to grab more powers for France, rather than seeking reform of the EU.

The German position in Europe is clearly good for Germany, but there can be no doubt that Merkel’s voice in Germany does take into account broader European interests. 

French leaders have never shown much interest in broader European interests – “French First” came well before “America First”!

The 28 nations of the EU have responsibility to stand up for their own interests. It is foolish to claim, like the Brits, that the EU does not work for their interests, and then decide to leave. At the same time is is foolish to stand by and not demand with a clear voice reforms of the EU’s activities and sprawling bodies.

The EU is an important joint body for European states, which has brought many important economic and social benefits to its 500 million residents. However, weak controls and weak management over the EU’s activities from within, and from the big member countries are matters that must be addressed.

But watch out… the EU is always ready to increase its remit – the proposed EU tax on FANGS (Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google, etc) is something that must be watched with great concern. The EU is not a taxing authority and any tax proposal must be solved throughout the EU by each national member on agreed basis… 

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