Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Don’t be fooled about the Nordics. We are not a lot of lazy sleepy socialists, but a community of four countries and some 25 million hard-working people who innovate and enjoy creature comforts.

The Swedes have just announced a new innovation for beds with a mattress that can be adjusted for hardness or softness for a good night’s sleep.

A normal mattress, with fixed firmness, cannot satisfy individual needs. The company “YouBed” is launching a line of beds  for hotels that enables instant firmness adjustments in a high-quality pocket spring mattress without compromising on sleeping comfort, simply by using a remote.

This one-bed-fits-all solution is be available globally through a new sleep concept believed to be game-changing for the hotel industry, enabling hotels to finally offer what every guest deserves: the guarantee of a comfortable hotel bed and the best conditions for a good night’s sleep.

The YouBed-innovation is based on the latest frame-bed technology, which allows for double layers of pocket springs to work independently over its entire length, better accommodating the weight and body shape of every user.

The pocket spring system can easily be compressed or released with the remote, making the mattress firmer or softer, while fully maintaining the highest levels of bed comfort at all times. You can also fine tune different comfort zones of the bed, shoulders and hips, to achieve absolutely perfect personalization. The result is a one-bed-fits-all solution that will please all unique users regardless of height, weight, body shape or preferred sleeping position.The innovation is protected by several approved patents.

Take a look at the videos they have on their website for a detailed review of their ideas.

Photo: YouBed AB


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