GoodNews from Finland – Endeas supplies solar technology

The Finnish company Endeas will deliver QuickSun all-in-one photovoltaic (PV) module testing stations for a major new PV module factory.

Endeas’ stations will be used for the final quality inspections of heterojunction (HJT) modules in the module factory serving the solar energy industry. The stations will have an annual testing capacity of up to 750MW and will be delivered to an undisclosed, leading non-Chinese PV manufacturer in the third quarter of 2019.

By utilising Endeas’ in-house developed capacitance compensation (CAC) method, the QuickSun stations offer a more accurate way to measure HJT modules’ power and other parameters. Their short flash pulse also makes the cost of consumables negligible by increasing the average lamp changeover interval to half a million measurements.

“We are delighted to see how quickly our CAC method has gained acceptance within the PV industry,” said Endeas’ managing director, Jaakko Hyvärinen. “Applying a scientifically sound correction for the capacitive effects enables the industry to measure HJT and other high-efficiency technologies with uncompromised accuracy and reliability.”

“Now that developers are paying more and more attention to module quality, we expect that employing the QuickSun all-in-one testing system will become one of the most important ways for the most quality-driven module suppliers to differentiate from competition,” he added.

This article was first publish by GoodNews for Finland in May 2019

Photo: Endeas

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