Government obstinately on track, and unions go on strike 

The government did not backtrack with their plan to introduce somewhat easier conditions for small companies to fire unwanted staff. 

The planned changes of their proposal are not huge, but they refused to listen to the demands of the trade unions, and this has led to today’s series of strikes that are now starting in Finland.

As mentioned in earlier articles in this newspaper, the impact of the proposed legislation is relatively low, but the economic losses for these planned strikes to the country are way out of proportion. The trade unions are unhappy with the proposals but these strikes are wrong because they will hurt their members more than they realise. The economic damage will be long-lasting and negative.

The government has not been wise in choosing this fight. Much more could have been achieved by wider reforms of the labor market in a real dialogue with the unions. This has not occurred and now we have this mess.

The elections are coming…

Photo: Women’s Trade Union League of Chicago, Official Report of the Strike Committee: Chicago Garment Workers’ Strike, October 29, 1910-February 18, 1911

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