Great America makes Hell Camps

While we are worry about holidays, taxes, money, pensions, schools, populist politicians, and healthcare the folk at “Make America Great Again” have discovered that putting immigrant babies and children in what they call “holding camps” is their way of treating the war on mass immigration.

You probably did not read the column “Climate Change can be worse than Auschwitz”, because just the title makes most of us feel uncomfortable, but the article was written before the New York Times and the El Paso Times published a long article about how Mr. Trump’s policies of dealing with immigrants is resulting in the inhumane and unacceptable treatment of immigrant babies and children. And this is from a government that has openly said that they want to restrict abortions because they go against Christian values! 

According to the article, these babies and children are separated from the parents and put in cramped and filthy conditions without proper washing facilities and without proper care.

Here is a link to the article in the New York Times, “Hungry, Scared and Sick: Inside the Migrant Detention Center in Clint, Tex.”

Let’s be quite clear, such treatment in any of the Nordic countries would result in criminal punishment by those responsible.

The article make it clear that many of the staff are ashamed of the treatment given out to these babies and children. This holding camp represents the first steps to the creation of concentration camps that we have all read about in our history books.

The President of this country used to be thought of as the leader of the Free World. Today he is no better that a dangerous maniac taking this great country to an abysmal future. He is guilty of openly telling lies, of being openly a sexual predator, of openly claiming that climate change is a fiction, and of ignoring the plight of immigrant mothers and fathers who have their babies and children taken away from them by force.

This last fact means that this man does not deserve to be treated with the respect normally given to a country’s leader. He was elected by a free and fair election, but now his negligence or incompetence has put his on the path of crimes against humanity. How many deaths of babies  and children are on his hands now and how long will he allow such abominations to continue? 

These immigrants may be illegal immigrants but that does not give him the right to oversee a government that puts them in such inhumane conditions. 

What irony is there when he says to the waiting crowds on July 4th 2019, “God Bless America”! 

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

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