Greed killing Healthcare “Reform”

Finnish healthcare is great and cost effective – the OECD ranks it as one of the 10 best in the world for care and costs efficiency. 

After over a decade of ridiculous political infighting and bad planning, the present and former 2 governments, made up of more or less the same parties, have still not managed to reform our social and healthcare welfare system.

With an election in just over 4 weeks time, it appears that the government has lost its majority in Parliament as the number of MP’s from the government’s side have now indicated that they will vote against the reform, thus destroying the government’s majority.

Two selfish forces have driven this decade long reform process – greed for money and greed for power: 

  1. Greed for money has been the sole aim of the Conservative Party that has sought to have private “for profit”healthcare companies taking on huge parts of the public healthcare system. Doctors and nurses have been employed with much higher salaries to leave the public healthcare system without sufficient resources. The public system has then had to outsource healthcare to these companies or “rent” doctors and nurses at a higher cost from private employment agencies.
  2. Greed for power has been the sole aim of the Center Party. They have demanded and tries to establish a nw level of local government called Counties. Th healthcare reform was originally designed to remove healthcare from the smaller municipalities to the Counties. A second idea is to put all the funding in the hands of the Ministry of Finance! 

This creation of the Counties is ridiculous because the government could have easily forced all of the municipalities into, say, 10 municipal authorities groups and told them to seek funding only through the Ministry for healthcare. This was originally proposed by this newspaper 4 years ago but was rejected because the Center Party wanted control of the Counties. The municipalities are also part of the Center Party’s sphere of power and they did not want any changes to be made.

‘Municipal authorities already exist for healthcare with Helsinki bing the biggest one covering healthcare for over 1 million residents.

As stated above, Finnish healthcare is great and cost effective – the OECD ranks it as one of the 10 best  world wide for care and costs efficiency. Why would we want to change the whole system with massive changes, when a simple well-tested solution was staring us in the face?

Finland has an ageing population, the bad financial effects of which will last for some 15 years between 2020 and 2035 because of the baby boomers born in the 1940’s. After that they will die and a new smaller younger generation will run the country.  

What needs to be done now is to plan for the care and deaths of these old folk, and encourage younger folk to have a few more children. – nothing more…


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