He Lies, and He Cheats – Who is this Conman?

He has openly supported foreign “strong men” like the gentlemen from Russia and North Korea who are nothing more than war criminals in our eyes.

He is facing 90 very different legal indictments. He continues to proclaim his innocence even though a number of the courts have found him guilty.

He still claims that he won the last election that was “stolen” from him, even though he lost election fair and square!

He even pretends to be a president by play acting as if he is like some 6-year-old child!

The fact that he claims he can pardon himself or ask the Justice Department to dismiss any case that is brought against him, if elected is beyond belief.

The Rule of Law may no longer apply to the United States of the Supreme Court for two reasons:

  1. The court is manned by a few men and women who were appointed by because they are loyal to him, and
  2. It is feared that the court may dismiss the cases against him because of Presidential immunity.

His terrible behavior is well documented in the media for all to see.

He is systematically destroying democratic processes in the USA, and his behavior is a threat to our European democracy.

Many Republican politicians in the USA are scared to cross him because they are scared that he will destroy their careers with bullying slights…

… and many right-wing European leaders and politicians are also finding good things about him because there is a real chance that he could be elected, and life must continue without friction thereafter.

The winter of 2025 could end up being a cruel cold winter of despair.

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