Health warning – Italy and UK will harm EU!

Boris Johnson is deliberately misleading voters about all the great deals he can negotiate for Brits when leaving the EU. He is foolish when making these false promises and corrupt in his desire for power. 

He is now claiming that the UK can use the divorce settlement of some €40 billion as a bargaining chip in new negotiations with the EU. This divorce settlement is what the UK has already agreed to pay the EU upon leaving. This new demand is totally without foundation and will result in the UK facing an angry relationship with its biggest trading partner. He is a big danger to the health of the EU and that is not good news for Finland or any of the other Nordic countries.

The other crazy government in the EU is being led by a lightweight like Johnson called Mr. Salvini. He is doing everything possible to abuse EuroZone regulations on how much debt a country can borrow and how big the public sector deficit is going to be. 

Italy is going down the same road as Greece did. That means that the rest of the Eurozone risk being asked to bail out Italy just like we did for Greece a decade ago.

The big difference between Greece and Italy is that Italy is a huge problem. 

There are not enough resources within the present EU lifeboat system to save Italy… and Finland being a EuroZone member should be quivering with fear… 

We lost a huge amount of money with Greece – they are not repaying their debt as agreed, and the rate of interest is way below what they should be paying. 

The European Central Bank and their Italian boss is holding huge amounts of Italian debt and many Italian banks are rotten to the core. Italy is fast becoming a cancer.

You have been warned.

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