Helsinki Airport – An even worse building site…

Four times this week your correspondent has been tortured by Helsinki’s latest chaotic building site, better known, if you can find it, as Helsinki Airport.

For the last decade they have been building this temple to attract even more millions of passengers. They just cannot have enough.

First they got rid of everything related to Finland and brought in some Duty Free Robbery Company to sell overpriced brands. The speciality shops selling local products has been replaced by Dior, Boss and Chanel…

They have filled up all the open spaces with even more shops, forcing increasing numbers of passengers into narrower corridors.

They have removed all the seats at the gates, so we were left standing.

Then they built a metro with long platforms far away underground, with lots of corridors to walk along and long, long escalators to climb up on.

They have increased food and drink prices to new world record heights… 

Now finally they have decided to remove all parking spaces and dig deep holes in the ground and stop people arriving by car. 

… and now they are constructing even longer walkways and new shopping spaces, so that passengers who cannot sit down, get a drink or walk any further can do window shopping…

… and all of this just shows you that the boys and girls at Finavia, the people who run the airport, have learnt well from the former Minister of Transport, their boss, who believes that taxpayers should pay up much more for much worse service just like her wonderful taxi reform!

How we will miss her… good luck to the Swedish bank that has employed her as a board member.

Photo: Jon Worth

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