Helsinki Airport SandwichGate Scandal

Readers will recall the stories about how Helsinki Airport manages to arrange outrageous monopoly pricing for very ordinary coffee and sandwiches. 

Now the nation’s leading newspaper have discovered why the airport and their chosen food supplier have set out the reasons why they “have” to  keep prices high…

That was such a great story that your correspondent could not resist doing a quick calculation on a piece of paper. 

According to the article a simple rye sandwich with ham and some boiled egg costs €8 and they justify this incredible cost because the sandwich must be cleared by airport security. 

The retail price of two slices of bread is 10 cents, the cheese slice 15 cents and the five thin egg slices cannot cost more than 10 cents. It will take an underpaid kitchen worker 3 minutes to get it ready at a cost of €1, and another will sell it before its shelf-life has ended for another €1 cost. That should bring the total cost  to around €2.50! The markup and the security inspection costs that ensure that it is not a weapon of mass destruction are around €5. Not bad for a lousy an uninteresting soggy sandwich! But with 16 million passengers passing through the airport each year the potential of €80 million from the simple sandwich must be mouthwatering for some.

BTW the same sandwich is available on Finnish trains for €4 – and they do not explode there either… and on the last leg of most railway trips that same sandwich sells for €1.

The moral of this story is make your own weapons of mass destruction before you leave for the airport and enjoy them in the airport or in the plane with the thought that you will have cash to invest if you do that every time you fly!

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