Helsinki Filled with Dread

Today here in Helsinki we had bright sunny weather with a cold strong wind, great for a brisk walk through the city to breathe clean fresh air. 

This is normally not possible at this time of the year because of the dust and other fine particles thrown up by winter on salted roads.

Now Corona & Son Inc. has reduced the flow of traffic. The streets  are empty with just a few citizens out walking their babies, dogs and partners. Most people are working from home or on building sites. Shops and offices are closed or manned with the bare minimum.

Birds can be heard and the grass is green – climate change has only given us a few days of snowfall and the sea is clear of ice, even though we have some night frosts.

The only noticeable movements today were the ministers big black Volvos, BMWs and Mercedes driven by fit looking young drivers who double up as security dudes. The cars were polished and gleaming in the bright sunlight with the back seat windows conveniently blacking out the presence of any passengers. 

Today we saw a really long black car procession as the ministers met together with opposition leaders to thrash out the new laws for the vote tomorrow. They are planning to stop anyone leaving the Helsinki metropolitan area for a few weeks, and top close down restaurants, bars and cafés. How many companies and SME’s will fail in the next few weeks?

Helsinki has become a ghost town until Easter or maybe longer with residents going bonkers because they have to sit at home… Thank goodness we have summer homes in the countryside. We have already learnt what it is like to spend the summer vacation with the whole family packed together in the middle of nowhere, in a small cottage without easy access to shops, restaurants bars and cafés….

At least we will not be bitten by mosquitoes, horse flies and ticks…

All these processions of big black cars remind us Finns of funerals – quite an appropriate thought when the media is spreading such dreadful news in never ending bulk.  

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