Helsinki in political turmoil

Helsinki is in political turmoil because everybody wants to be Helsinki Mayor after the present Mayor surprised everybody by announcing that he does not want to continue for a second term…. And since most people in Helsinki are well off, they like eating chicken no matter how tough the chicken meat gets…

“Good riddance” thought some of his colleagues in the city because he is known to be autocratic – he is not a team player. You can see that he has been jumping around from job to job as a typical “political broiler”. His career has been spent so far in politics as a MP, minister and city Mayor. His position in the EIB was a political appointment favored by conservative politicians – a seal of approval…

His departure was unexpected – he says he wants to head up the Finnish Olympic Committee, but everybody knows that he is aiming to become the President of Finland, a nice job if you can get it because it is mainly ceremonial these days.

The Conservative Party is in shock because they think they own Helsinki after the Greens and Social Democrats. They do not seem to have any local boys ready to take on this most demanding post, but “the talk” is they may want to reinstate the handsome and athletic Alexander Stubb, who has been a former this and that – a former PM, former Minister, and former EIB director, and a former “political broiler” too. He is currently a Director of the School of Transnational Governance at the European University Institute in Florence. But his chances look slim after the shower of criticism over his handling of the politics and the economy by his party colleagues. Politics is a dirty business in every party …

The Greens are not pushing anybody at the moment, but as the second largest party in Helsinki, the key person would be Ville Niinistö, the former popular leader of the Greens who recently led the party to a stronger position in national politics. He is generally regarded to be a pair of safe hands, and with Climate Change looming, perhaps this would be a good solution for the capital city to show its Green Credentials.

The other contender from the Social Democrats is a young active lady, Ms. Nasima Razmyar who clearly wants to see a truly cosmopolitan city, however, the party just not have enough seats in the council to receive this top job.

The other parties are insignificant in the Helsinki council but that has not stopped every Tom, Dick and Harry from announcing their candidacy:

  1. The current leader of the True Finns is standing. He is a strange man who wants to put Helsinki in the centre of his world which is rather limited to nationalistic white males leather clad living outside the urban centres.
  2. The Former PM and many-time Presidential candidate for the Center Party is its self-proclaimed pseudo-leader Paavo Väyrynen. He too has no chance in high Hell of securing this job, but it will look good on his CV.
  3. … Harry has not yet announced which party he will be representing.


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