Helsinki to have Light Festival on 6–10 January 2018

Helsinki has announced that the 2018 Lux Helsinki, the light festival, will take place with a fantastic innovative artistic implementation:

“As an annual light festival that takes place among the streets, market squares and buildings of the city each January, Lux Helsinki brightens up the city during the darkest days of the year and livens up the winter in breathtaking fashion through its innovative artistic implementation that attracts over half a million visits.”

“Lux Helsinki, which began ten years ago, strives to make a great festival for both locals and visitors.” says Saila Machere, from the City of Helsinki.

The 10th annual Lux Helsinki light festival takes place from 6 to 10 January 2018. The popularity of the event has grown significantly in recent years. As a form of expression, light addresses everyone and is timeless: it is a strong, primal force that is at home also in today’s state-of-the-art technologies and startup culture.

Lux Helsinki has established its place as one of the most highly anticipated winter traditions among locals, bringing people of all ages together to enjoy art in any weather. It is a surprising, exciting and effective festival that fits the size and appearance of Helsinki. In the future we aim to further enhance the festival through cooperation with top artists from Finland and abroad,” Machere says.

This event is free of charge

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