Helsinki’s Coastline Raped by Mayor & “Green” Deputy

Just look at the photographs taken this week of Hernesaari peninsula. They show how the city leaders are spoiling the sea  line of Helsinki by dumping rocks and old crushed building materials into the sea around thew southern tip of Helsinki. The environmental damage of dumping crushed rocks and building materials is a scandal.

The whole area at the southernmost tip of Helsinki is called Eira and it also happens to be the most beautiful seaside part of the city that is now ruined for ever. 

Not only that, but the city leaders are planning to build thousand of apartments on this reclaimed land without having any plans for managing the significant volume of extra traffic that the new area will cause. 

There are just two roads that pass through heavily built up areas for the traffic of any new development on Hernesaari involving thousands of new homes and offices. It is already clear that most of the new apartments will be expensive and purchased by wealthy folk with SUVs and Teslas!

These same routes are already clogged up by workers coming and going from the west of Helsinki, who can only choose two points of entering or leaving the southern region of Helsinki. 

The ongoing development of the neighbouring Jätkäsaari peninsula and the huge ferry terminal for passenger and large cargo lorry traffic is already polluting Jätkäsaari residents and causing traffic holdups. 

The planned development of Hernesaari will only cause chaos without huge infrastructure investments in tunnels under the sea!

There can be no reasonable argument for reclaiming this land right in front of Helsinki’s best seashore There are hundreds of square kilometres of land around Helsinki that could be put to better use. Such areas could also be used for medium-size low cost housing for ordinary people who work in Helsinki rather than new luxury apartments.

The Conservative Party have been ruling the city for many years and their representative holds the position of mayor. The second most important party is the Green Party who hold the position of Deputy Mayor. It is these two who have been behind the relentless overbuilding and pollution of the best places in the city. 

One can understand that the links between construction companies and the Conservative Party are set in cement, but the environmental destruction by the Greens in areas of natural beauty is a crime against the voters who put them there to save our city from this type of damage and pollution.

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