Hietalahti Food Hall – Great Authentic Food

This is a wonderful newly planned food market hall – original and authentic – it is a warm and airy hall, filled with light.

It is not huge, but there are a dozen really pleasant small places to enjoy fresh Finnish and other great food and drink with expert service.

You can have a quick snack, or enjoy lunch or dinner at the popular restaurants and cafés at the hall.

The editorials favorites are Tokyo Street, Le Marche, and Roslund… but also try out Kitty’s Milkshake Bar, Stadin Herkut, Trattoria Corretto,  Mama’s Deli and Street Gastro.

It is near the West Harbour and a short walk from Stockmann in the center of Helsinki.

Take a number 6T tram right to the doorstep.

Open:            Mon–Tue 8–18 Wed-Sat 8–22


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