Hong Kong & the Helsinki-Tallinn Tunnel Drama

There are two sets of plans afoot to build a tunnel under the Baltic between Finland and Estonia. The governments have been planning one project and a private group another led by a young private man who made some money with E-games.

He wants to build a massively complex and expensive tunnel  under the Baltic Sea to link Helsinki with Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, you really do wonder about his sanity. There are no long tunnels built under the sea that have been built on time and within budget during the last 70 years!

Another reason to believe that his plan is nuts is his insistence that he has the funding and construction organisation that can deliver this project without public support! Naturally support from a Chinese government entity is not considered by him to be public…

… and if he thinks that the Chinese consortium will not require financial guarantees from the Finnish government (read taxpayers) for the project then he is totally uninformed!

When the public sector decided to build a shorter railway tunnel connection to Helsinki Airport not one construction company offered to take the project on its own liability for a fixed price! They were lucky because the project took years longer and the final bill was much bigger than the first estimates.

… today Finland has a pragmatic relationship with big countries like China. Unlike the USA, we are a small country who needs to export to every corner of the globe. We cannot and should not pick fights with other countries but remain calm and collected even when events in certain parts of the world start to get out of control. 

On the other hand we should be wary of inviting people over for tea if they are stifling opposition, and certainly not inviting them over if they resort to using more violent ends to achieve their objectives. We can only hope that the situation in Hong Kong can be resolved peacefully.

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