Hopeless Hungary & Desperate Poland Block EU Budget

As stated in earlier articles, readers will know that the Nordic countries do not want to provide grants (money that does not have to be repaid) to Poland and Hungary if they flout the Rule of Law.

The EU’s current €1.8 trillion new long-term Budget and the Coronavirus Recovery Package can only be passed when all the member states are supporting it. This means that Poland and Hungary, along with other recipients of the funds will not receive anything unless the budget is passed.

The Nordic countries are saying that our hard-earned tax revenues should not be given away to member states who do not practice our basic democratic values. If a EU member state does not want to follow these important values, then they must accept that they lose out on our support.

This week the Hungarians and the Poles have decided to block the EU’s budget because they do not accept that a majority of the EU can vote in favour of reducing or stopping all grants from the EU if a country is found to be ignoring the Rule of Law as commonly understood inside the EU!

Their behaviour tells you quite a lot about these two countries that are both currently flouting the Rule of Law with plenty of monkey business.

It is not in the EU’s interest to wait forever to resolve this, but on the other hand there is no reason to rush ahead with a compromise that dilutes what the Nordics are demanding.

The Nordics have no reason to accept any compromise because they have already given way on several key points. The delay only hurts the two malfeasants – the longer they wait they worse for them, and neither country is a big partner for the Nordics in terms of trade.

As stated above, this question needs to be resolved soon, but bullying by these two countries must not be accepted.

If they do not want to be a bona fide member of the EU then they should withdraw their membership, and go hat in hand to Russia, China or the USA! It is doubtful that any of these ideas would ever be realized…

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