If you resign from a nice job at EIB after 18 months, get a new plum job, the EIB will pay you €100 000 for next 3 years – WOW!

If somebody tells you that the EU and its institutions do not need to clean up the swamp, then you believe in fairies and that Trump is the best president ever of the USA.

Making “Europe Great Again” – getting young people jobs, improving levels of education and vocational training, building Europe’s needed infrastructure, pushing for innovations, helping SME’s grow, clamping down on corruption, all cost money.

Governments in Europe have limited financial resources (it’s called austerity) and they must spend money wisely .

But none of the above measures are made possible by the EIB paying politicians €100 000 for 3 years after they voluntarily resign from the EIB to take another well-paid job.

Mr. Jan Vapaavuori, a leading member of the Finnish Conservative Party, was appointed just 18 months ago as Vice-President and Member of the Management Committee of the European Investment Bank (EIB) at a monthly salary of €24 000.

He secured this post because it was Finland’s turn to have the job, and he was the Finnish government’s man for the job. He was not appointed because he was the best candidate  – it was just an normal political nomination.

The job is neither demanding or hard. He sits in management committees, travels around to meet governments, companies, bankers, and signs big deals.

He has now resigned from the EIB to take the job as mayor of Helsinki, and, according to the EIB, he is entitled to a payment of €100 000 for 3 years, which he is happily pocketing!

  1. The EIB is a public body with the Finnish government as a shareholder.
  2. Mr. Vapaavuori is a public representative of Finland and a politician.
  3. The position of Mayor of Helsinki is public position.

Can somebody please explain why this type of financial gift has been arranged with taxpayers’ money that serves no purpose what-so-ever related to the work of the EIB or the EU?

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