Swedish “Defiants” Just Don’t Get It!

This afternoon (Saturday 6.3.2021) a large demonstration was organised against the government’s Corona-19 restrictions in Stockholm.

As you can see hundreds of people are not using face masks nor are they practicing social distancing.

They seem to think that they will not spread Corona-19 nor will they be infected!

They also appear to think that the rest of taxpayers should pay for their possible hospitalization because a large percentage of these people will end up being infected.

Sweden is the worst place in the Nordic countries with a huge rate of infections and deaths. They are also in one of the worse groups in Europe.

The crowd was actually shouting “Free Sweden” and had been fighting police who tried to disperse them earlier!

How people can be so ignorant and so uncaring is beyond belief in one of the world’s richest counties…

Photo: Screen capture from SVT1


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