Is Germany Jumping the Vaccine Queue?

The EUOBSERVER (13.1.2021) has just run an article about the supply of Covid19 vaccines where it states:

“During a hearing in the European Parliament’s environment and public health committee, Sanda Gallina, the EU’s top negotiator on vaccines contracts, said she was “confused” by recent reports of bilateral deals because the EU’s overall strategy forbids member states from negotiating individually.”

DG Gallina claims not having seen any bilateral deals to buy vaccines. However, Germany has published on its health ministry website that it has secured 30 million additional vaccine doses for its own citizens under a separate agreement with BioNTech. According to the EUOBSERVER the commission has refused to clarify whether the German deal is legal under the EU rules.

FinnishNews requested clarification on this matter from the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, and Sari Ekholm, a Senior Medical Officer at the Department for Safety, Security and Health stated:

“… Finland does not have any bilateral deals with vaccine manufactures. In general regarding DG Gallina stressed yesterday that parallel contracts, as far as she knows, do not exist and, in any event, the current EU joint contracts will have priority over them.”

If this is the case then Germany should make a clear statement confirming that they have no separate agreement with BioNTech. It is not in the interests of EU solidarity that the largest and most powerful EU member state jumps the vaccine queue.

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