Is Putin Mad?

There have been many articles about Putin’s state of mental health – some have speculated that this man is suffering from a physical impediment, while others say that he may actually believe the long historical articles he has published and the words he has expressed on state television.

The fact is that he has attacked a neighbouring country with brutal force and is targeting civil infrastructure where ordinary men, women and children are being ruthlessly killed.

He is not only fighting an army that never threatened Russia, but he is attacking an army that is trying to defend its own boundaries and its civil population against a Russian and mercenary soldiers who have been ordered to attack with thousands of tanks, missiles, bombs, helicopters and bullets.

Senseless murder is a crime in every decent country and those responsible should be punished. 

Putin calls this action a “special operation” act to save Ukrainian Russian speaking folk from abuse from fascist Nazis. Russia was not threatened by Ukraine, and no matter what he calls this action, it is still a serious crime.

Now on the matter of the headline – is Putin mad?

Mad in the sense that he is angry with Ukraine is probably true. He could be mad because Ukraine has made faster progress that Russia this last few years and people there have been  happier because they were more attracted towards the West.

Mad in the sense of mentally ill is harder to say because that requires that a doctor signs a piece of paper after diagnosing the patient. But looking at what Putin has achieved this last three weeks, most people would agree that he is a murdering criminal of the highest order. That puts him well and truly in a group of people who are not at all normal in the commonly accepted word.

So let’s just agree that this man must be treated as a dangerous murdering criminal who must face trial and the consequences of his demented actions. Demented here has a wider meaning that “mad” – behaving irrationally due to anger, distress, or excitement.

It is good to remember that criminals are always dangerous, and murdering brutal criminals are exceptionally dangerous.

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