It’s Good that Politicians Lie…

We all know that politicians will tell lies like Trump and Johnson to stay in power. It appears that there are large numbers of people who will vote for these leaders even when they can easily see with their own eyes that they are getting a bad deal from these leaders. The bigger the lie and the greater the repetition appears to solidify their love for their leader.

You would think that people who have dropped out of school or have a poor education would be fooled by such leaders more easily but that is not the only group.

In the US, the well educated Senators and Congressmen of the Republican Party aare almost unanimously supporting their great leader, be that Trump, Putin or Kim!

In the UK, Johnson has the unwavering support of a University educated elite Conservative Party MP’s whose parents have paid enormous sums to have them attend the “best” schools.

The independent media and independent honest think tanks perform fact checks on the speeches given by Trump and Johnson and they show that these men lie and spread false information deliberately.

Even the highest court in the UK has said so about Johnson when he illegally closed down Parliament.

So the question is why do people want to vote for such clowns? What motivation do we have to vote for people who waste or taxes and fail to manage the affairs of government in a responsible way? What benefits do the voters derive from these leaders?

In the US, a few rich people have received a one-off tax benefit which makes them marginally richer, but what can you do with another million? There is little or nothing that can make the top 0.1% happier with more money in their Swiss account! None of the others in the country have benefited form this – in fact most of them are now paying more for Chinese made goods, or are receiving relatively lower wages over the last years as middle-income people are being squeezed. Low income folk have seen their Obama-care being cancelled or limited…

In the UK, it is perfectly clear that Brexit will cause hardship for most of he population. The school and healthcare system run by the government will see cuts because the government’s tax revenues will fall. People will lose their jobs with Brexit and even before Brexit the economy is getting weaker. Recent reports show that there are now record numbers of empty shops on Britains streets! What more proof do people need to understand that they are being sold trash! 

Why do people want to support these leaders?

In Finland, we have had a series of governments that have done very little to improve the economy. They have cut the education budget when we should be investing in educating the young and re-educating adults to find better jobs. They have deliberately privatised healthcare and we have seen that doctors and nurses have moved to higher-paying jobs with private companies, then we are surprised that healthcare cost increase which we cannot afford! 

They have been giving huge grants and tax benefits to the biggest companies who make excellent profits and pay out huge salaries to their senior management, while ordinary workers are laid off, thus increasing unfavourable income equality. These same governments have not forced small municipalities to merge like they have done in Sweden and Denmark, and we are left with some 300 inefficient administrations filled with political nominees. The government has not attacked the tax benefits of the trade unions, nor have they limited the political power of the unions. Trade unions are important, but they are not there to hold the country’s economy to ransom. Companies should be free to set wages within a framework of fair labour laws. In the same way we do not need to treat drivers and delivery men and women as slaves…

Finland is a small country and we can see that rocking the boat can lead to isolation. During the last decades we have seen consolidation of the media and of big companies. The owners of the media  are also the owners and board members of the big companies and vice versa, and the big parties receive their funding and support from these companies.

Does that mean that we are losing an independent media?

Does that man that fact-checking is ignored or less active that it should be?

Does this mean that fact checking has become selective and complacent?

When the head of the opposition Conservative Party says that the new Finnish government is increasing taxes and debt, he appears to be pretending that he has never done the same, which he did!

When the True Finns complain that Finland should not have to worry about Climate Change, what will they be doing when millions of refugees start banging on our doors when they mov away form rising sea levels and droughts? What will they be doing when sea levels flood our cities and towns that are next to the sea? 

Do ordinary workers really want to have their trade unions and the leftwing parties stopping them working on Sundays and public holidays because the unions and their supporters are demanding unacceptable wage hikes for those days? The rest of the world works without 100% and 200% wage extras, why should anybody receive so much more when working on those days. There would be more jobs, better salaries and possibly lower tax rates if people worked fo the same wage every day of the week! That is simple mathematics. We could easily see higher employment rates…

… and when bankers and their “economists” and other right-wing folk discuss austerity, they always present it as if it is some kind of crucial virtue that is the foundation of democracy. It is nothing of the sort from their mouths. When they talk about austerity they really mean budget cuts for, and privatisation of the important basic services and lower taxes for the wealthy. 

No wonder that they want to control the media, like Murdoch & Co… and based on recent polls voters must really agree with the headline of this article that it is good that politicians lie! 

By the way, there can be no doubt that 99% of all mothers and fathers have taught their children NOT to tell lie – so what is going on here? Are the remaining 1% the only ones in politics and running the big companies?

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