Juncker gets nothing more than a “Trump Promise”

The EU’s Commission President, Mr. Juncker has succeeded in receiving a promise that the USA and the EU would work to achieve zero tariffs at some point in the future when we trade together. In response, Mr. Juncker also promised to buy lots of soya beans from the USA as well as lots more machinery.

Several points need clarification:

  1. We have all seen that any promises from Mr. Trump are about as useful as an empty glass to a man dying of thirst in the Sahara Desert while collecting sand for another Trump golf course bunker. We have all seen his promise to denuclearise North Korea and solve the world’s greatest problems… 
  2. Mr. Juncker has not yet clarified what the European Commission will do with several million tons of soya beans in Brussels. It appears that the Common Agriculture Policy has taken on a new meaning with the European Commission now becoming a Europe’s biggest soya bean buyer and dealer. 
  3. The same question can be asked about the American machinery that he has promised to buy…

Perhaps the EU is planning to help the UK to stock up on food supplies when they suddenly leave the EU without having sufficient amount of food in warehouses. The present Tory government has told stores to build up stockpiles of food. Dominic Raab, the Brexit secretary, has said that he wants to make sure that the UK had “adequate food supplies”, adding that, “It would be wrong to describe it as the government doing the stockpiling.” The big store owners have not been informed that such moves are necessary so it looks like Juncker is going to deliver lots protein rich soya to starving Brits… and perhaps some American espresso machines so they can import Starbucks coffee duty-free to wash down the breakfast soya porridge.

Of course, Trump is only too pleased to have these 2 promises from Junker so he can brag that he got a great deal and turn attention away from the following:

  1. His disastrous meeting with Putin in Helsinki,
  2. His steel and aluminium trade war with most of the world that has caused foreign buyers to stop buying American soya beans, Harley Davis bikes and malt whisky, etc – things that really hurt Trump’s voters.
  3. The embarrassing attempts to pay off porn stars
  4. The Mueller investigation… and so on…

It was to rather nice to hear that Juncker managed to land a kiss on Trump’s cheek – something that even his wife does not do…

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