Killing Your Children Slowly…

It is quite probable that most readers would accuse your correspondent of exaggerating, but he  lives in an apartment where a huge MacDonald’s “M” logo flashes bright yellow and gaudy red  outside his window.

The sign is on day and night, like a lighthouse guiding two groups to short-lived instant gratification with hamburgers and chips all served up from a slick and greasy kitchen.

One of the two groups are the flocks of black cravens who attack the waste-bins each morning in typical Hitchcock fashion when the MacDonald’s workers come and replace the black plastic sacks full on paper serviettes, paper cups and cardboard holders that are sticky with ketchup that glues chips and bits of hamburgers that the craven devour in seconds.

The other group are of the humans who also come in various forms. The most frequent customers are the teenagers who pop in from school to devour a single coke and/or hamburger and flirt or chat with one another on any subject except schoolwork.

Another group are the manual workers in yellow fluorescent vests who come in for a fast fix to boast their energy levels before another gruelling afternoon on the site.

The third group are the mothers and fathers who bring in their toddlers to enjoy a “I’m Loven’ it” family meal, crowned off with free plastic toys and sweet milk shakes doused in chocolate or strawberry cream… all great recipes for heart disease, diabetes and strokes…

The point is that few of these young ones can hardly read and thus do not have much knowledge or understanding about the health risks of these delights. Most of them just follow their parents with the happy expectation of pocketing some tiny plastic prehistoric creature that will end up in the rubbish after a few days, because it does nothing but blankly stare into space

Why parents want to have their children lovin’ fast food trash is beyond belief, when for half the price they can give the little dears nourishing meal for a fraction of a Happy MacMeal, with money left over for the holidays.

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