Latest Corona Weekly 13.4.2020 

The latest figures are out this morning and readers should see that there are a few big anomalies:

How can Japan have so few infected and deaths from Corona when they have one of the world’s highest proportions of older residents. Germany and Italy also have relatively high populations of elderly people and yet Italy is in the worst position with Spain.

South Korea also has extremely low numbers of infected people and deaths given the size of their population even though they have a relatively younger population.

The Nordics also show little increased dispersement with the exception of Sweden that has much  higher death rates compared to other three Nordic countries.

Germany, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Belgium and the USA all show over 500% increases in the death rates.

The only good news is that Italy and Spain are seeing their death rates fall.

The above numbers of deaths per 100 000 of the population should be a be a better indicator of the spread of Corona. The numbers of infected people per 100 000 of the population is not so accurate because testing is different in each country and it appears from reports that many infected people do not show symptoms. The numbers of infected per 100 000 of the population disclose a range of between 50 and 350.

However, when examined in this order you can see a clear pattern that the Nordics have the same infection rates and things go worse the further south you go in Europe – see below:


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