Latest polls – Help – True Finns are gaining ground!

After 4 years of another “not very good” government here, the latest polls have started in earnest to reveal what the voters really think.

The present parties have been put to one side and the Social Democrats and the True Finns have shot up in the rankings.

This is not surprising given that:

  1. The healthcare reform and the hopeless idea to create 18 new counties have both been seen as political fiascos – they eventually brought down the government as the parties started to fight behind the scenes.
  2. The same government has cut the education budget, one of the key reasons why Finland has been able to transform itself over the decades. The same parties promised not to cut the budget before the 2015 election.
  3. They have also allowed private care companies to treat the elderly as animals. It took a great deal of courage for family members to come forward with complaints. The private companies denied all this and continued to talk about the great cost efficiencies they could bring to the public sector. It is strange that they just did not understand that the public sector is paid for by taxpayers who are the same folk sitting with wet nappies in their beds for days on end… 
  4. Their “taxi reform” has increased taxi fares and actually caused shortages of taxis outside the busy urban areas. The opposite was meant to happen according the promises made by the Transport Minister, who is now joining one of those big Swedish banks after finding that almost every one of here “reforms” backfired.
  5. … and political appointments for nice easy jobs has continued during all of the 4 years even though they really did promise to stop the practice…

    Finally, all the parties and most of the media are really unhappy with the polling companies that have dared to say that the True Finns have improved their position in the polls. The middle class, intelligentsia and other elites are very upset. 

The True Finns have been kept out of government for the same reasons that the Sweden Democrats remain in opposition in Sweden. It appears unlikely that they will get into the driving seat of the new government and it is also highly unlikely that they will be befriended by any party that wins in the polls. However, their popularity is a sign of the times that the present government has nurtured – increased income differentials.

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