Learn to Love Those Lovely Foreigners

This week your correspond attended a Christmas concert given by the kindergarten school group that had around 250 children in their charge. The children were all younger than seven years.

They danced, they sang, they acted with the help of their teachers, and they obviously enjoyed every moment because their performance was so good and the audience was enthralled.

It was a great traditional Christmas performance they brought tears to the eyes of parents and grandparents.

What was really strange was that there was not one member of the audience who thought that the performance was somehow strange, wrong, or out of touch with traditional Finnish values.

You see the performance was produced by children probably 80% of whom came from families that have just moved to Finland a few years ago or a decade ago. The rest were ordinary Finns whom wanted to expose their children to an international environment.

Just about every nationality was represented from other parts of Europe, from Asia, from India, from America, Africa and South America and the Middle East.

…. and there were four times as many people sitting in the audience and enjoying that great traditional Finnish Christmas Concert.

We did not have any True Finns raising a warning finger in the audience; we didn’t have any Christian Democrats claiming of the high moral ground and talking about Christian values; we didn’t have any Neo Nazis who claim that we should be maintain Aryan populations here in this country.

Nor do we have any other complaining politicians present at this wonderful event…

… and this is where the complaining True Finns and their ”great leader” should have been present today. 

… and they should have been here to be a witness what 250 small children can do when patiently supported by excellent teachers from all over the world! They should have been there in stead of hatching the next cheap plan to scare people about the dangers of having too many foreigners here!

Shame on those bigoted complainers…

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