Letter to the Russian People

Dear Russian People

Your Soldiers & Mr. Putin are deliberately killing Ukrainian women and children as a War Prize.

There is nothing , nothing, more gruesome than soldiers deliberately sending missiles loaded with powerful explosives to explode over railway stations where hundreds of children, their mothers and grandmothers are trying to flee to safety from your invading army.

Putin has ordered Russian soldiers to kill ordinary civilians with bullets, bombs and missiles.

None of the people at the railway station today were a threat to Russia, nor were the hundreds of civilians who were shot or blown up with bombs and missiles in cold blood this last six weeks.

Mr. Putin crossed his chest at the wake of Mr. Žirinovski like a good Christian.

What type of man can do that with a straight face, and then order more women and children to face their death by cruel and violent pieces of metal and hot flames?

Invading Ukraine is a crime, but killing innocent women and children with missiles and bombs is not a crime – it is too evil to be described as a crime.

Dear Russian People

You have already lost thousands of young soldiers.

Many thousands more are wounded and taken prisoner.

Many more will die in a war that has no meaning for normal people.

Your leader, Mr. Putin, is regarded by the West, and probably by China too now, to be a war criminal, an evil despot who is seeking glory by ordering your sons and husbands to kill others and be killed 

Ukraine is not part of Russia. 

It is an independent country that was never a threat to Russia.

Dear Russian People,

Please stop Mr. Putin from doing more harm to your great country.

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