Little Britain Has Shrunk Again…

The Brexit Referendum was a great opportunity for the UK to prove to the world that they are brilliant, but they messed up by voting in favour of Brexit.

The referendum was an opportunity to prove to the world that being a big member state of the EU, their biggest trading partner is a worth its weight in gold.

However when you have Trump-like political buffoons like Johnson and Davis. David Davis was the EU Brexit Minister who said in 2016:

“There will be no downside to Brexit, only a considerable upside.”

The Yorkshire Byline, an independent digital newspaper from north England maintains a “The Davis Downside Dossier” which lists the Downsides and Upsides of Brexit – the score is Downsides 285 vs. Upsides 17 registered since 2016!

The list is truly amazing and can be seen here at this link.

Food, beer and petrol are all running out in shops and petrol stations, infections are at record levels, just a few insignificant trade deals have been agreed and the UK is already breaking their own trade agreements with the EU.

What a crowd!


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