Little Britain thinks it is Great Britain…

Honesty has little place in today’s politics and nothing to do with the tabloids that pump out rubbish – half naked women, murders, diets, and gossip about the actors and football players.

It is beyond belief that the UK government can pull out of an agreement it only made 12 months ago with the EU over how it will handle Brexit.

Their failure to handle the Civid-19 virus, the failure of the NHS to track and stamp its spread and the terribly high death rate together with the school exam scandal are all evidence of the mad behavior of a Trump-like politician.

If you look at today’s headlines in the UK you would think that Jonson is leading the country to a glorious future:

  • The Daily Telegraph: “38 days for Brexit or we walk!”

  • Daily Express: “Boris: No Deal Brexit is a good outcome..”

  • The Times: “A No-Deal can be a good outcome, insists the PM”

If this is the way the Brits want to go then there will be consequences and they will not be favorable consequences for ordinary folk… but who cares, this is good business having such poor political leadership. The very rich are backing their man at the top with their deep pockets, these ruthless newspaper owners:

  • Rupert Murdoch owns The Times and he is close to Trump…
  • Richard Desmond a British publisher of the Daily Express is a businessman and former pornographer said to have a fortune of €2 billion,
  • And David Barclay and Frederick Barclay, (commonly referred to as the “Barclay Twins“), are British billionaires who own the Daily Telegraph. They are identical twin brothers, and have very substantial business interests primarily in media, retail and propert with an estimated wealth at £7 billion.









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