Dangerous Lobbying Destroys Planes & Our Planet

The following two cases of detrimental lobbying are just the tip of the iceberg. The EU and most EU national governments do not maintain any form of register on whom they meet and what is  discussed. However, the huge number of lobbyists in the EU, and the massive commercial benefits from corporate lobbying interests are a threat to life and our own future on this planet!  

Dangerous Lobbying – Case 1

In the above photograph from the White House you can see how lawmakers and the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) are happily standing behind the Great Leader while he signs a new piece of legislation. The male audience are covering the lower part of their body with their hands. This latter action is either to protect themselves from attack or perhaps they are praying.

Under that new piece of legislation the Great Leader was reducing bureaucracy that, according to his Great Mind, was destroying value at Boeing.

The new legislation was aimed and stopping the FAA from interfering in the process of developing new aeroplanes, by allowing private companies like Boeing to handle the safety certification process, rather than the FAA.

Just a few weeks later two Boeing 747 Max planes crashed killing many hundreds of people because of serious malfunctions of new equipment on the planes.

Over 350 Boeing Max have been delivered by Boeing and the daily estimated loss of one aircraft is around USD 50 000 meaning that so far losses amount to some USD 5 billion that Boeing is probably liable to pay after 7 month, and nobody knows when they will fly again if ever…

Many aviation experts have stated privately: “the Max grounding has gone from inconvenience to existential threat” for many airlines.

What was meant to be an efficient low cost plane has turned into one of the worst disasters in aviation history, thanks to that lobby…

Dangerous Lobbying – Case 2

New research (see this link) by CEO, Friends of the Earth Europe, Food & Water Europe, and Greenpeace EU, reveals that since 2010, just five oil and gas corporations and their fossil fuel lobby groups have spent at least a €250 million buying influence at the heart of European decision-making.

It’s part of a decades-long strategy by fossil fuel lobbyists of denying widely-accepted science, and trying to delay, weaken, and sabotage climate action – despite knowing their business heats the planet and destroys communities.

More than two-thirds of man-made greenhouse gas emissions come from the fossil fuel industry. To prevent global climate breakdown, the vast majority of these companies’ reserves of coal, gas and oil must stay in the ground.

The only way forward is to ensure that climate policy is made entirely in the public interest. There is a fundamental conflict between the industry’s interests and the public interest – between their core business and our need to keep global temperature rise below 1.5° C.

The writers of the report demand a firewall to:

  1. End fossil fuel industry access to political decision-making: no lobby meetings; no seats in expert and advisory bodies; no role in public research bodies.
  2. Address conflicts of interests of decision makers: no revolving door between public office and the fossil fuel industry; no industry side jobs or placements; no hiring of industry consultants.
  3. End preferential treatment of the fossil fuel industry: no involvement in climate negotiations; no place on government delegations to international negotiations or trade missions; no more subsidies or incentives.
  4. Reject partnerships with the fossil fuel industry: no sponsorships or partnerships; no sharing platforms with industry representatives; no hosting or attending of industry events; no party or candidate donations.

Most of the above demands are suitable for all big corporate lobby groups irrespective of sector.

Photo: Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosia

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