Mafia seems to have Hideout in Finland too

After the big money laundering scandal about Danske Bank, the big Danish Bank and its Teflon CEO who has now resigned with a golden handshake, the Finns have their own money laundering affair this last weekend.

This weekend (22.9.2018) saw reports of a police raid on a “foreign-owned company” on a secluded island on the south-west coast of Finland. The company appears to have purchased the island a few years ago together with some used military ships. They have also built a helicopter pad for its “staff” to fly to places like Moscow. 

The police have announced that this was a normal police raid because of alleged money laundering and tax evasion by the company

Eye witnesses have spoken about special forces being involved because men with automatic guns and black woollen hats have surrounded and closed in on the buildings on this island, which is situated near to a Finnish military base!

Naturally the police do not normally raid tax evaders and money launderers with automatic weapons and they certainly do not use over 100 armed men!

The PM has announced on the radio today that he and the President were informed of the raid but, like the police, no details have been given to the public.

Naturally the evening newspapers have all been trying to guess if the Russians are involved but no officials and no ministers dare say a word.

So it looks like we have a new example of our some nasty foreign company up to no good in Finland.

Whoever it was will probably never be disclosed but who cares – we already know that governments in the East and in the West are involved in spying and money laundering – à la Danish…

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