Maria01 – A Beacon for Nordic Startups

Maria01 is a beacon for the Nordic startup community with a major investment already made in starting a thriving startup campus in the centre of Helsinki that will grow to be almost four times bigger in a couple of years.

The campus is located in Helsinki’s oldest hospital complex that was built back to the 1800’s. It operated as a hospital until it was closed down in 2014, after which it was turned into a startup community. 

Five large hospital buildings that have been renovated in the first phase of operations with a 20 000 square meters campus area that was opened in 2016.

The whole real estate and future projects are owned and developed by the City of Helsinki.

Maria 01 now hosts over 120 startups, venture capital firms, corporates and other ecosystem players under the same roof. The proximity between all the ecosystem players inside Maria 01, allows collaboration & knowledge sharing on the spot.

Start-Ups are curated by the Maria01 with start-ups applying for membership. Space is rented out at an attractive price levels with a strong level of support from Maria01 and their chosen partners.

Maria01 operates as a non-for-profit safe house for start-ups. 

The last three years has seen that start-ups tend to thrive and grow in such communities better than elsewhere because Maria01 can proactively offer  tools and services to support these small companies that have to make do with less under intense pressure to succeed.

The demand for space at the campus exceeds its current capacity and that has resulted in the City’s decision to create a growth company campus of international significance. 

The plan is to bring more than 4,000 job opportunities with an additional 50,000 square metres being built. The City of Helsinki has signed a development agreement for this project with a consortium led by YIT and Keva, two large real estate developers. 

Helsinki wants to be one of the world’s most attractive cities for growth company activities. According to Helsinki’s Mayor, Jan Vapaavuori: 

”Helsinki’s attractiveness in the startup sector has grown and our ecosystem is already a world leader in local connectedness and the most ambitious in its class. We are doing everything to ensure that Helsinki is among the world’s best places for startup and growth company activities and, at the same time, an attractive competence cluster for companies and experts alike. The expanding and strengthening Maria Growth Company Campus is an essential improvement in this work.”

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