Mass Graves, courtesy of Putin…

How often do you see a murderer or brutal criminal being invited to meet a European leader?

Well, we know that Merkel and a few others welcomed this man even after his invasion of Crimea.

Now, most European leaders would not go near this man for fear of being associated with him, especially after more mass graves have again been found this last week in the forests around Izyum where over 440 bodies of men, women and children were buried there by Russian soldiers.

Many of these poor victims are said to have had their hands bound behind their backs, tortured and then executed.

Why does Putin want to torture children? Does that give him some sexual satisfaction, or does he believe that it enhance his prowess or reputation as a leader of Russia? Does killing children improve his popularity in Russia?

Whatever he thinks, this is simply a continuance of his brutal terror that can only be described as war crimes and genocide.

Putin still appears to be an acceptable companion for President Xi and Prime Minister Modi. They should be ashamed of their actions in sitting with such a criminal. At least they started to show distaste for Putin’s actions.

President Zelensky has pledged to hold Russia accountable for the alleged crimes, while the murderers in Moscow repeatedly denied targeting civilians despite mounting evidence of mass executions and indiscriminate shelling of civilian buildings in Ukraine.

Even if Russia cannot yet be named a terrorist state, Putin is certainly a terrorist.

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