Massive Change in German Foreign Policy

The German government announcement today, Sunday 27th February 2022, amounts to a huge change in German foreign policy.

The following new policies were announced by the German Chancellor:

  1. He condemned the invasion in the Ukraine as PUTIN’s WAR, and went to great pains to explain that this is not a Russian War. He is convinced that this war is not supported by the great majority of ordinary Russians.
  2. Germany made the historic decision to send weapons to Ukraine. 
  3. A huge increase in defence spending to defend democracy that Germans from the West and East have enjoyed for the last 30 years.
  4. Germany will reduce its dependence on Russian fossil fuels and invest more heavily in renewables. 
  5. Germany will continue to demand dialogue with Russia but made it clear that he does not trust Putin.

At last we have a competent leader in the EU from the largest and most important country in Europe. 

This speech is a big relief for many in Finland – not only for many, but for the great majority of us here.

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