“May Day, May Day” – Is UK’s foxy PM leading the Brexit folk nowhere!

Ms. May was supporting the “Remainders” before the 37% of the country voted for a Brexit. Most of them had no idea what they were voting for, and still do not know because the government has not yet come out with a concrete plan.

Some Brexiters thought that the EU was now running the UK, and that the UK’s Parliament had lost its power to pass laws. Others thought hat the EU was dumping uncontrolled numbers of immigrants into the UK who were stealing all the good jobs.

But as Ms. May and the 6000 civil servants, appointed to exit the EU, march on, it appears that neither they or the EU have any clear idea about what is going to finally happen.

There are many alternatives between in or out, and everything in between!

Whatever the outcome, the UK has paid huge sums of money to consultants and lawyers who are very pleased with this windfall.

The government has not had to be distracted with the affairs of state, which are always tricky:

  1. Should the failing National Healthcare Service (HNS) receive more money to allow the many thousands of sick people to be operated upon? Many British hospitals have had to close operating theatres because expensive Public Private Partnership investment projects have drained resources, and because doctors and nurses have left the public sector for better pay and less hours in the private healthcare sector. This type of decision can mean increasing taxes (bad) or inviting skilled foreigners to the UK (also bad).
  2. Should the government increase support for affordable housing to allow lower-paid workers to work in the cities where there are currently chronic shortages? This decision can mean building cheaper houses next to where the rich and beautiful are living, so bad, because of not-in-my-back-yard (NIMBY)…
  3. Should the government take over privatised railways because Virgin Railways and Stagecoach (2 private operators) only want to make money for fat dividends and not invest in infrastructure as promised? Re-nationalising the companies is seen as bad…

The list can easily cover a 100 or more unpopular topics, but if it is probably silly to go on with looking any further because perhaps there is a perfectly good reason for Ms. May to carry on with what looks like terrible muddling…

Perhaps she is not muddling at all. Perhaps she is a Secret Remainder who has seen the light that by appearing to muddle and fail, again and again, in fighting lost Brexit Battles with Junker, Tusk & Co, she in fact is preparing the ground for saying, in the end:

“The UK would be much better off staying put. so long as we get a firm commitment from the EU on big reforms!”

Now you may think that this is nonsense, but up until now both sides of the Brexit Battle has been nothing more than nonsense not only for the UK and the EU, but also for the other 27 members who gain nothing, and lose plenty, if Brexit actually happens.

“Reform the EU,” should be the Battle cry…

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