Media Soap Operas in Washington & London

The famous satirical British magazine, “Private Eye”, has long been a thorn in the side of corrupt or foolish politicians across the globe since 1961. Your correspondent can recall gleeful moments as a young man in London when reading salacious stories about badly behaving other leaders and business men.

This week’s events in the UK and in the USA however have brought us to new heights of satire directly from the men at the top. 

In the UK the almost-to-be wife of Boris Johnson has decided that she did not like the man that Boris wanted to employ as his Communications Man. The man in question, Lee Cain, has a sad history of being a journalist at The Sun and the Daily Mirror, two terrible newspapers that seldom if ever write anything worthy of being called news. It is said that his name was put forward by another colourful character, Mr. Cummings, who was said to be running the country. In any event,  Boris has just fired him in a final attempt to be Presidential in the fashion of Trump.

The British Prime Minister, like his American colleague has been busy this last year:

  1. Not negotiating with the EU so he can say that Hard Brexit was the EU’s fault.
  2. Failing to make any plans for solving the Pandemic crisis.
  3. Supporting Trump because Biden is supporting Ireland (he has Irish heritage)… and Ireland will suffer as a result of Brexit.
  4. Learning how to look and speak like former Prime Minister Winston Churchill while imitating Trumpian characteristics, and looking like a doctor, a butcher, a fitness champ, a father of a baby, all depending on the photoshoot in question.
  5. Trying to keep the Conservative party together when it is split down the middle.
  6. Obeying the fiats of his fiancé… which is probably quite demanding for a man who has so much on his plate (see above).

In the USA, Mr. Trump did not loose the election – his is a billionaire and successful TV chump loved by 70 million Americans and the GOP, but like his colleague in London, Trump is super busy:

  1. Watching blank TV screens because Fox-News is now broadcasting fake news that he lost the election – so there is nothing else to watch.
  2. Being in self-denial – it takes lots of energy to start 52 court cases – one for each state – especially when he cannot read anything longer than his signature in large letters.
  3. Playing golf.
  4. Tweeting.
  5. Fighting for Climate Change, for guns, for fossil fuels.
  6. Fighting China, the EU, NATO, UN, WHO and Democrats, any foreigner who is not white and American.
  7. Talking with his all of his mates – in Moscow, Pyongyang and Brazilia…
  8. Searching hard for a country where he can retire to where there is no extradition treaty with the USA… 

In both cases these two men, more than most others, with the exception of those in Moscow and  Pyongyang, have used the media to support their shaky control over a voting majority. Notably Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, one amongst several others, has been leading the flood of Trump and Johnson propaganda in his TV shows and tabloid newspapers that are famous for their broadcasting of fake news. Trump has even renamed his presidency as the “Golden Goose of Fox News” in a statement where is sadly lamenting the loss of support for him by Murdoch. It may be a loss for Trump and Murdoch, but hardly for the rest of the world.

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