Merkel & Macron Soundly Rebuked by Small EU Members…

It appears that many of the other EU member states are getting fed up with the way that Merkel and Macron are trying to run the EU as if it is their own private club. This is not the first time that your correspondent has written about this unfortunate state of affairs. It is unacceptable that two of the largest member states hog the policy platform without consulting the other members or by totally ignoring their wishes:

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Merkel is finally retiring well after the “best-by” date and macron is enjoying life too much like the former French Monarchs by lavishing his residences with lavish interior decorating à la Versailles!

The two countries’ populations and GDP do not give them anything near to a majority position, and there are no rules of association that give them any such powers.

The recent surprise announcement that they intend to meet with Putin as the representatives of the EU is nothing more than shocking when it was perfectly clear that they had not had anty deep consultations with the other member states.

Putin has been the master of creating divisions within the EU that weaken the EU’s unity and improve his own bargaining power.

This current proposal from Merkel and Macron only further undermines EU unity.

Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgian, along with a few of the other small rich countries, also have strong and slightly different agendas with regard to Russia and other matters of important foreign policy. Such opinions cannot and must not be ignored. Deep discussions regarding important policies must be agreed upon and in a conciliatory manner where compromises are necessarily sought and delivered. This creates unity and a powerful presence on the world stage.

Can you imagine the outcry from France and Germany if any of these smaller countries started trotting. Around the globe in the name of EU! It’s time for change and the timing could not be better. Hungary ha been dealt short shrift at last with the undemocratic behaviour. 

More national leaders should work together to shake EU’s olive trees a little harder to ensure better governance.   


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