Mike Berners-Lee roars “No Planet B”

Do not plan to move to the moon, or some other safe “Bolt Hole”, when the Earth gets messed up with too much pollution. There will just not be enough money in your bank account, nor is there enough fuel to carry more than a few super-rich people to a safe haven in space.

This is explained with great clarity in Professor Mike Berners-Lee’s new book on climate change called “There Is No Planet B”, Cambridge University Press 2019.

The book is a well-designed handbook covering what needs to be done to stop the temperature of this Earth going above 1.5C during the next 20 to 30 years.

In the first 7 chapters he lists out with clear numbers what needs to be done in the following sectors: Food, Energy, Travel and Transport, Growth and Metrics, People and Work, Business and Technology.

The seventh topic deals with fourteen things every politician should know. That list is currently being tested in Finland because we are having general elections. But based on the TV’s debates it is already perfectly clear that the knowledge of these people is sadly lacking. Their approach is to attract voters with catchwords like “CleanTech”, “Electric Cars”, “Subsidies for Bio-Fuels”, and “Subsidies for Power Storage Batteries”. They refuse to discuss cutting down on meat as a food, and they talk about the importance of 100% domestic food security. They utter nothing about reducing air-travel because the government owns Finnair! The largest cities are still using coal for power and electricity production. Forests are there to supply wood for pulp, paper, carton, and fuels not for any carbon sink or for construction. These bulk products demand heavy cutting of forests., and even though we have huge forests, the planned annual harvest is well-beyond what is sustainable according to leading climate change scientists in Finland, Naturally politicians and the forest sector lobby totally disagree…

The numbers and arguments that are presented in the book are easy to understand and well-presented in these first 7 chapters, and there is plenty of things individuals can do at home, in the work place and while travelling to reduce emissions.

Those 7 chapters are the very best reasons for reading the book – it is an effective and cheap way to make a difference! It costs just €12 delivered home by mail and only took 7 hours to read…

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