Morton Serves Delicious Food in a Container

Morton is a welcome new addition to Helsinki’s restaurant scene. They have  opened a lovely container restaurant in the Hietalahti corner of Helsinki, next to Bulevardi and Ruoholahti, having made their way from near Jyväskylä, in the tiny town of Rautalampi (population 3097 people!), where they opened their first container-styled restaurants several years ago.

These containers are a more comfortable upgrade of the American diners… there is more space and much better food!

… and Morton has thought long and hard about what they serve. The salads and hamburgers are fresh and made with excellent ingredients. They have banned what the hamburger chains are offering! 

The plates are full of gorgeous, well prepared meals, with generous beef, chicken and vegan alternatives. The combinations and extras on the plates have first class fresh green leaves and salads – not the browning, withered cheap fodder that is stuffed into the Macs and Hesse’s… The sauces and herbs are perfect – in fact they are so good that the quality is surprising. They even make they own red onion jam… 

Newcomers seldom come with a mix of strong and interesting flavours. But it appears that Petri Virta, one of the founders, and the owner Ms. Jarna Kaplas, have a strong understanding of what is needed to stand out.  They did not waste their time trying to guess what may succeed in Helsinki – they come with a clearly defined “tried and tested” menu for guests that shines brightly!

The best news is that they are open every day seven days a week, with reasonable prices and excellent service.

A strong recommendation to enjoy good food for all ages –

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