NATO Strengthens Defences With Finland & Sweden

Finland and Sweden are joining NATO because our populations and leaders of both countries want to ensure that there will not be any new wars on our territories. 

The decision was taken in both countries when Russia suddenly and unexpectedly attacked its neighbour, Ukraine, in an unforgivable act of brutality. We were naive when we thought that Russia would remain as a trusted and peace-loving neighbour. The invasions by Russian soldiers of Crimea, Donetsk, and of parts of Moldova and Georgia were all clear signs that this is a terrorist state is run by a small group of tinpot despots.

The realisation finally hit home when we saw that Putin had given his army the right to slaughter civilians, rape men, women and children, and destroy whole villages, towns and cities. 

It has only taken 3 months for the world to understand that the Russian leaders are crazy fools who should know better because they have committed serious war crimes that have been captured on smart phones for the whole world to see.

War crimes have been captured on smart phones for the whole world to see.

It appears that Putin and Lavrov still seem to think that they can stop these videos from being broadcast in the world’s media. But we do not censor the press here and these terrible videos are seen everywhere.

Somebody should tell Putin that we can see exactly what his army is doing and we are just waiting for him and his mates to cross a Russian border so we can grab them, put them in handcuffs, and drag them off to the courts.

There can be no doubt that the Russians will have to pay for destruction they have wrought in Ukraine. They should start now to think about reigning in Putin & Co. before more people and buildings are destroyed in Ukraine.

Putin has effectively pushed the Russian economy into the dark Middle-Ages because the bill already exceeds the market value of Gazprom… 

Let’s be clear, he was not defending Russia against Ukraine:

  1. Putin ordered the invasion of a neighbouring sovereign nation that posed no threat to Russia. 
  2. In the last three months he has allowed his army to commit serious war crimes. 
  3. In the last three months he has sent tens of thousand of his soldiers to their deaths for no good reason, with many more seriously wounded. 
  4. In the last three months hundreds of thousands of women, men and children from the Ukraine have been forced to move to Russia against their will, and over 7 million Ukrainians – old men, women and children – have sought refuge from the Russian army in neighbouring countries. 

Let’s stop Putin now and struggle hard for a peace deal!

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