Newspapers & Readers Should Fight Back

On November 4th 2019, there will be a Swedish language event entitled “Hur länge har vi egen media?” or in English “How long will we have our own media?” in the offices of the Agenda think-tank, Simonsgatan 8, on the 6th floor – see 

Why is this meeting important and why should you register and attend?

A country’s democracy can only stand firmly on two feet when there is an independent press watching over the business, politicians and civil servants. 

We only have to look either to the east of the west to see how a free and independent media is being destroyed:

To the east, there are very few free and independent media bodies existing. Communism and despots like to control the media for their own benefit.

To the west, we have those giant tech companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft who have solid commercial reasons for:

  1. Stealing news from bone fide media companies without paying for content, 
  2. Grabbing 90% of the advertising revenue from our media, and
  3. Allowing false information and lies to be spread around the population at large without any sanctions.

These giants are also experts at tax avoidance while happily destroying our own media, and that is not acceptable.

So even though your Swedish may be rusty, this event is worth attending because the same is happening around the globe and we must be informed and take measures to protect our own media!.  

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