No Macrons in Finland – just 200 sheep minus 1 following their leaders

One of the characteristics that Finns boast about is SISU – having guts to do the the right thing  when faced with impossible odds. This word is the opposite of “feeble” and well describes people who accept to be bullied into doing things they do not like.

Plenty of people have been complaining about the lack of clarity and good trust-worthy leadership regarding the healthcare reform and the establishment of the Counties. If you ask people in the street about both proposals they will honestly say that they do not understand what the healthcare reform means and nobody except a small group of Centre Party politicians have any idea why we are going to have 18 new Counties on top of the 317 municipalities and under Central Government.

The most vocal Conservative Party member of Parliament, a TV-showman and ice-hockey businessman, Mr. Harkimo, and a newborn neo-liberal, former social democrat politician have decided to try to form a new right-wing party that will do something better…. Macron-style boys…

Yawning is allowed at this point in the narrative…

The announcement from the 2 men has caught everybody off-guard here in the political establishment because most of the party leaders are all saying that “they expected this” – when they definitely did not!

The government is busily forcing these above reforms through Parliament willy-nilly of what MP’s think… there is just a paper-thin majority in Parliament and anything can happen if more than 4 MPs from the governing parties decide to vote against the government.

But at the moment there is no point in holding your breath for a new Macron to appear like the Angel of Gabriel. It looks like things will continue as normal with Finns still dreaming about SISU while our great leaders round up the flocks of sheep into their pens.

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