No More Virus Numbers & Clear Results

You only have to look quickly at these numbers that we have been following for the last 3 months and the results are clear.

It appears that half of our list of these developed countries have produced results where not too many have died from the Virus, but the other half has done a bad job at controlling the spread of the Virus.

There area clear conclusions from looking at this table:

  1. The actions of independent nations and their leaders indicate very clearly that they are not all capable of successfully managing crisis like pandemics that spread serious diseases and death irrespective of national boundaries.
  2. The worse European nations have been Belgium, France, Italy, the UK and Sweden. The last country is surprising given that their long history of talking about equality and the maintenance of the welfare state. 
  3. The EU has been incapable of coordinating preventive action to stop the spread.
  4. The WHO has also been incapable of coordinating preventive action to stop the spread. This needs to change but it appears that Trump is not interested in anything more than promoting himself. If the USA does not accept to perform their duties as the leading member of WHO then perhaps we should ban all Americans from travelling to the rest of the world. Given their democratically elected pathetic leadership that is perhaps not a bad idea for world peace!

This is the last article for now on the Virus. Readers have been pounded on all sides by Virus News – let’s just be more careful and pray that a vaccine is soon available to protect us from more rounds of infections.

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