Nobody Should Want This Brexit or Those Leaders

The Coronavirus has blown Brexit off newspaper headlines. The UK government has proved itself to be incapable of proper management of both crisis.

 The latest figures for the big western countries put the UK clearly at the top of the class when you look at deaths relative to 100 000 of the population. That is a terrible result and shows incredibly bad management and a callous approach to human lives.  

All of the Nordics did much better than the first list with the exception of Sweden that is now on par with the USA. However, the USA has probably miscounted the numbers of deaths whereas the Swedes have been careful in the compilation of the figures, but not with their planning. There are far too many when compared to the other Nordics.

But back to Brexit and according to Johnson & Co. there will be a Hard Brexit because “the EU is refusing to meet Britain’s generous compromises”, or words to that effect. The EU has said that there is already an agreement in place signed off by the British government and there is no room to negotiate a new deal or make any last minute compromises. If there is a Hard Brexit then the EU has promised that there will be a hard border!

The UK has just posted a 20% fall in the economy in April, so you can bet quite sure that more is coming… again that is something of a record too!

Only foolish voters can be pleased with having incompetent leaders – but they do chose them in the UK and in the USA and so we must assume that there must be something wrong with democracy in both London and Washington. 

This situation is bad for the EU member states so we must remember this and ensure that we do not vote for the same type of bungling male buffoons in our next elections.

Picture: Wikipedia Commons – Title: Arena magazine – Volume 40, 1908, Authors: B.O. Flower 

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